Monday, October 13, 2008

The Crown Prince of Eastie

The Prince Regeant of Boston's neighborhoods has always been East Boston. This most northerly part of the city is more familiarly known as 'Eastie.' It's a laid back kind of place, the kind of place that knows its reputation and its power and this neighborhood is comfortable with both.

An East Boston icon is Royal Roast Beef, a sandwich shop located on Bennington Street across from Constitution Beach. The illuminated sign outside Royal Roast Beef says it all. It depicts a charicature of what may as well be considered "Mr. East Boston." Is this crown prince/clown prince kissing his sandwich or sucking a thin slice or rare beef out from between the bun? Maybe a little bit of both. You'll try to do both too when you get one of these sandwiches between your mitts.

Mr. East Boston shows his appreciation for well roasted beef with a signature gesture. He makes the 'okay' sign with his right hand behind his back and he presses his forefinger and thumb together so tightly that they emit sparks! That's good beef, buddy! Delivery available.

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