Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weiner Relay

When the Peppermint Squad makes a collective decision, it doesn't need to be unanimous to stick, but once it sticks it is glue and then the rubber meets the road. A few months back the gang had been chilling at thier secret base, the location of which still hasn't been revealed (nor will it be soon). They hatched a plan for a weiner relay through Dorchester, with one detour through Newmarket Square just across the Dot border in Roxbury but, this being Boston, no one really knows what is what since it is all Boston all the time. The second to last stop was at Castle Island, technically South Boston but part of Dorchester historically. Though it is all one city now, territorialism is still important and Dorchester historians track one time line while South Boston Historians have thier own particular Year Zero. In South Boston, the calander starts with BB: Before Boston Annexation. Current years are demarked AB: Absolutely Bostonian.

The first Peppermint Motor Scooter Weiner Relay was run today. The official transcript is being prepared by the Peppermint Squad's club secretary as this dispatch is being written. Eveyone has had thier fill of important actions that have seen the light of day and will live on in legend until no one is left to tell the tale. Word has already trickled to other motor scooter fraternities and sororities and thier envy has been conveyed by the usual street-telegraphic means: tin can phones, stacatto piston shots out of broken mufflers, nose-rubbing gestures across the bar at Yaz's International Dublin House, a red sneaker on top of the light pole at the intersection of Adams Street and Columbia Road, and a fresh fish on the front steps of a certain reporter's house a few blocks from the Savin Hill T station. Something has happened.

Big things happened in Dorchester today. Big things happened bigger than anyone can imagine or the participants expected. Napoleon never thought he would be emporer when he started his career, likewise Tiny Phillips, president of the Peppermint Squad didn't realize that once this inaugural weiner relay went through its first lap, the event would promise to run in perpetuity.

What started as a whim promises to become a tenet.

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