Monday, March 24, 2008

A Report From Somerville

Somerville is that town just north of Boston where the hopes run high and the living is easy. A passel of red-blooded, pure-hearted, true-blue American anarchists and communists live the good life in Somerville, Mass. and we cannot say enough good things about them. Things are happening in Somerville, freindships are being forged and a community is being rebuilt along harmonious lines. We all have our collective part to play. Some are lone wolves and others work in tandem to usher in the future.

Mount Pleasant Street doesn't run uphill and it doesn't run downhill. It is paved along an even, if eccentric, keel. It is pleasant nonetheless. Nice people make thier homes on Mount Pleasant Street. They open their front door to visitors providing shelter from an unfriendly world and they serve top-notch, vegetarian chow to the hungry. Conversations flow, ideas are exchanged and connections are made. No one hates an idealist and a house full of them is a breath of pleasant surprise.

Whenever and wherever you can find good people congregating, there is hope for the human race. Somerville is such a place. There is a group of dreamers living in the real world, making it more real and more humane. If you follow your bliss, you may end up with an invitation to a basement stage where likeminded souls celebrate sharing each others' company. Sign your name to the wall.

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