Monday, May 14, 2007

Number One

There is city that is New London’s rival. There is a city that is a thousand New Londons rolled into one. It is a marvelous place, but it is not New London, Conn. New London, Conn. has something its primary rival lacks. Though this rival city has more people, more activity, more name recognition and more resources; though this city has everything New London has on scales New Londoners cannot conceive; though this city accomplishes things beyond tiny New London’s grasp; though industry and intrigue thrive in this city; though people bid to live there; New London has one thing its rival lacks. New London has Whaling City Spirit™.

The City of New London’s primary rival happens to be all five boroughs of the City of New York located in New York State. You can get lost in New London just as easily as you can in the Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan. You can find your muse in New London, take a chance, make a big break and build a life fantastic. If you can make it in New London, you can make it anywhere even in old, old New York.

Union Plaza is better than Times Square. The sidewalks aren’t nearly as crowded. Pedestrian traffic moves almost unimpeded. The Lyman Allyn Museum is also a metropolitan museum of art. An important port, New London has the oldest continuously operating customs house to track maritime, commercial traffic. New London’s harbor is full of the comings and going of the biggest types of ships and the smallest.

A city in miniature, New London believes in quality rather than quantity. New London has everything New York City has, but everything New London has is artisinal and precious rather than crass and commercial. New London, obviously, chases something besides dollars. It chases its dreams.
New York is a city in which dreams get recognized and realized. New London is a city in which dreams get chased. The best part of a journey is not the destination. The best part of the journey is the journey itself, and all the incidental details and tales one experiences along the way. New London knows this. Rather than be Number One, New London would prefer to enjoy its potential to be Number One.

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