Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New London Ear Spider

There was a spider in John Dufresne’s ear. The doctors at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital cannot explain how the spider got there.

John Dufresne, age 34, of 17 Edgewood Terrace, began complaining to his wife about pain in his left ear a week ago. It started off as a minor irritation, but as the week wore on, it became unbearable. He also couldn’t hear in his left ear, which irritated his wife. He only heard half his list of chores, so the trash wasn’t taken out and the cat wasn’t fed and the gutters were still clogged. The whole time he was complaining about his ear.

He couldn’t sleep. Finally Mrs. Dufresne got tired of his tossing and turning in bed, so at 11:30 PM, she took her husband to the Emergency Room. Doctors examined John Dufresne at 5:30 the following morning. The Ears, Nose and Throat specialist on call dropped his otoscope when he saw the cause of Mr. Dufresne’s complaint.

Other doctors were called in to take a look. They were amazed. Cases like this happen in textbooks and journals, but rarely In New London, Conn. John Dufresne had a spider in his left ear and it looked like the spider had made its home there for about a week. It was no wonder Mr. Dufresne had become hard of hearing. His left ear was full of webs and dead flies, as well as the spider.

A quick dose of Raid finished Mr. Dufresne’s unwelcome visitor. The doctor washed out the ear with normal saline solution from an IV bag and a syringe. By 11:30 AM, John Dufresne was as good as new. He could hear perfectly normally and he was pain-free.

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