Friday, April 06, 2007

Aparagus Martiini

There is a New London hotspot called Midnight-a-go-go, we will not mention its address. If you don't know it, there must be a reason. It isn't hip to be flip, but only the best and brightest of New London's stars frequent this secret headquarters of hedonsistic libertines. Come as you are, but you had better be good. Midnight-a-go-go is where the beautiful people go.

The most beautiful woman in New London ran into Whalehead King last night at the Whaling City's most exclusive nightlclub. She walked over to him like good karma in motion. She asked if she could buy him a drink. Never a man to turn down an offer from a beautiful woman, Mr. King agreed. He politely asked if she had any idea what he may prefer. She said she had no idea what Mr. King's eccentric tastes may require, so she told him to order what he wanted.

Whalehead King leaned over to the bartender and whispered, sotto voce, for a rarely ordered house special, the asparagus martini. This is a drink for people who like their vegetables and can take their medicine. Grey Goose, Cynar and an asparagus spear. Sophisticated, vitamin-filled and an effective digestive.

Mr. King enjoyed his drink while his companion sipped a rum and coke. They kissed briefly when they parted company. The most beautiful woman in New London said Mr. King tasted bitter though his manners are always so sweet. He blamed the asparagus martini, which is an acquired taste.

To learn more about the most beautiful woman in New London, see today's blog post at MySpace.

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