Monday, January 29, 2007

They Called Her 'Mento.'

A slender young lady with long, curly, red hair decided to experiment with her wardrobe last week. She tends to wear earth tones. Her hair attracts enough attention that she has learned not to showboat with her clothes. Otherwise no one would be able to take thier eyes off her.

A concerned aunt gave this young lady a sweater for X-mas. The aunt thinks her niece should show off her red hair better so she purchased a mint green sweater a shade opposite orange on the color wheel. Our young lady is polite and she thanked her aunt and neatly folded the sweater into a drawer. Her conscience finally got the better of her and she pulled out the sweater last Friday.

She looked in the mirror and felt pretty good about herself. When she got to work, her co-workers immediately noticed and complimented her on her bold choice. She was very happy but still not completely comfortable as she received more compliments from customers throughout the morning. As her confidence started to grow, a certain gentleman arrived. He shall remain nameless.

This man has eyes senstively attuned to color after years of training as a landscape painter. He took one look at this mint green sweater and squinted and stopped in his tracks. He looked right at our young lady and said one word very softly, but loud enough to be heard, "Mento."

The nickname caught on and for the rest of the day everyone called the young lady Mento. She was none too pleased. The next day, she dropped the sweater off at the Salvation Army. The man had meant no harm, but the damage was done. She wasn't angry, he had just said aloud what she already knew. Today she is wearing a white turtleneck with a burgundy cardigan over it. She looks lovely and the gentleman told her so.

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