Monday, January 08, 2007

Sultry Romance

An exotic city is just off the Interstate 95 exit ramp. Pulling off the highway leads to a journey through a hot and happening city. New London sizzles even in winter. New London is happening even in the dead of night.

There are cities that are hubs of fashion and style and entertainment and opinion. Some are better known than others. Those in the know go to New London to get their pleasures on the down low before the rest of the world catches on.

New London's captivating paradoxes bewilder suburbanites. You have to be bold to enjoy with both eyes open and unblinking. Close your eyes. You are surrounded by more than eye candy. New London girls look at you with a certain twinkle and sparkle. New London's male folk dress like they just walked out of magazines. The surfaces are the least important aspects of New London. Its how the people saunter and sashay that makes them stick in your mind.

This is a city of mergers and takeovers, but it is all done with style and sultry sensibility. Nothing personal, no hard feelings. Business as usual, done with aplomb with no need for hurry or bustle. Everything is graceful and polite. Everything is done in a post-modern way.

A New England exotica blooms off Interstate 95. Fools drive by everyday. Tastemakers stop for a few relaxing hours of high aesthetics and trendy ideas before their time.

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