Monday, January 15, 2007

So Easy A New Londoner Could Do It.

New London is a city of brooding brows and ruddy complexions. It is a city that knows little of the modern world. New Londoners live in their own Golden Age during which theirs was a city people admired. That is why poets love New London. They also live in a parallell world that is full of promise and attention.

New London is a playground for Romantics. The sublime snuggles up with the mundane. There is ample material about which to feel remorse and joy. New London is the setting for operas and epics yet to be written. Dreamers recognize this fact and flock to New London to do something worth remembering.

There are 168 municipalities in Connecticut, but there is only one New London. There are 23 New London's in other states, but there is only one New London, Conn. There is an old London and there is a New London. In a contest of two, there is a winner and an almost-winner. New London doesn't recognize comparisons. This city is a champion.

The Berlin Pilgrim v. Whalehead King. Wed, Jan 17 at Kream, 8:00PM. Both are champions. At the end of the night one will be a winner while the other will be almost. It is so easy even a caveman could do it.

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