Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hygienic Belly

The streets of New London overflowed with overripe fruit and fermented grain. Hygienic Night ushered in 2007. The year has officially begun in the Whaling City. Remember the spirit of this weekend and spread the cheer all year long.

New London's only winter tourist attraction attracted a throng. Downtown was busy after dark and the weather was surpisingly mild. People lined up around the block to see the Hygienic Art Show. They crowded Golden Street Gallery to see the work of the official Hygienic artists. The Oasis was packed with people shoulder to shoulder. The El 'n' Gee overflowed with fun. This is the best weekend to be an eccentric New Londoner.

There was a belly dancer at the cabaret. She was great. She was easily the best thing on stage last night. She was festooned with chains of coins and when she shimmied she sounded like a tamborine. She was New London Perfect. The crowd responded with enthusiasm. She was mesmerizing, weaving a spell with her belly. That's the kind of entertainment we need in a whaling city. She will become a celebrity.

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