Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Final Chapter: Mike Rix's Magic Knife

Since the box turtle incident, Mr. Rix has used his knife for a number of tasks. He sliced an apple on Shaw Street so that children could share it. He came upon a pair of young, unprepared lovers on a picnic on the banks of the Shetucket River. He used hsi knife to slice salami, bread and cheese, and to open their wine bottle. He left them with his blessing. He pried a stone out from a cow's hoof. He helped a shepherd in Bozrah castrate a sheep that had been too long neglected. He freed a splinter from a toddler's palm in Devil's Hopyard. He stopped a mugging in Old Lyme by pulling the knife out of his pocket without needing to flash the blade.

As long as men like Michael Rix are afoot in the world, good things will happen. New London is lucky to call him one of its own. New London is full of plucky, homespun heroes performing great deeds of minor renown. Michael Rix is a member of a rare breed, but initiative and honor are commonplace in New London, Conn. People like him, concentrated in this tiny city, make New London great.
........................The End?

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