Sunday, April 30, 2006

An April New London Day

A New London day in April starts with a nip in the air. By two o'clock PM, the sun warms pavement and lawns. Flower beds bloom. SPring is in the air.

As the sky turns from foggy to blue, the tides in the harbor also shift hue. Sunlight spangles off the waves, not glaring but sharp. The air is clear after the fog disolves. Ledge Light stands like a dollhouse at the mouth of the Thames River. You can pick out houses and trees on Fishers Island. Plum Island and Orient Point are green smudges far of on the southwest horizon.

New Londn's trees are starting to bud. Canopies of new leaves will be rustling in a week or two. Dogwood, magnolia, forsythia and cherry are pointilist portraits in petals. The air is perfumed with dilute nectar. The first bumblebees start to buzz between tulips and daffodils. Birds sing before the sun rises. Squirrels spring from branch to branch, anxious and excitable.

Traffic is light. Few tourists arrive before Memorial Day. The citizens of this city go about thier routines. Business revolves around purchases of sundries and small neccessities, the things that make daily life comfortable. New London moves at a relaxed pace, tending to its own needs without any urge to impress.

Mornings will grow warmer as the calendar progresses. There is plenty of time for hubbub and festivals. For now, New London is content to be itself.

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