Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Buying turkey in New Orleans.

Turkey cutlets
It is too early in the day to report what the Littlest Ninja's odometer reads today.  The day's journeys are not yet done.  I do want to take an aside to discuss turkey consumption in New Orleans, however.  It seems to be impossible to get turkey cutlets in the Crescent City.  New Englanders know what I mean: just cuts of breast meat without bones or skin.  New Orleanians appear to only consume whole anatomical parts, based on my shopping experiences.

I got a flyer from the Ideal Discount Meat Market in the mail today (2436 Ursuline Avenue at Rocheblave Street).  The front page is dedicated to a preponderance of meat on sale this week.  There are also specials on noodles, milk, liquor, cold cuts, and soda.  Most of it is meat.  The turkey being promoted consists of turkey necks (5 lbs for $4.99) and turkey wings (5 lbs for $5.99).  I haven't been in the Ideal Market, though it is close enough to my home.  As mentioned yesterday, I don't eat a lot of meat.  The interior of the flyer is dedicated to meat combination specials.  I know I've described this New Orleans phenomenon before, but here is the Ursulines Special (named after the street rather than the nuns, I presume).

Ursulines Special:

5 lbs. pickled tips (I still don't know what this is but I assume it is pork)
5 lbs. leg quarters (chicken?  I don't know)
5 lbs. turkey wings
5 lbs. drumsticks (could be turkey, could be chicken... no illustration provided)
5 lbs. ground meat (I assume beef, but there may some truth in advertising here)
5 lbs. center cut pork chops
5 lbs. pickled tails (I believe this also refers to pork, I've seen jars of them on shelves)
5 lbs. gravy steak (beef?  I'm not familiar with this)
5 lbs. smoked sausage
5 lbs. pigs' feet
5 lbs. neck bones (I think these are pork bones)
5 lbs. chicken wings
5 lbs. turkey necks
5 lbs. seven steaks (again, I assume this is beef, but I'm unfamiliar with the teminology)
5 lbs ham seasoning (I cannot even venture a guess; it could be ham bones for beans or spices for ham)
Free 24 cans of Faygo (this is a fruit-flavored, carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage I've never tried)

While I'm sure this would feed a family for a long while at a considerable savings, if my refrigerator was stocked with these things, even the ones I can identify, I would probably eat out or go hungry.  I am a stranger in a strange land.  I'm not complaining.  Not a day goes by that I don't say, "I love it here." Despite that, I do find it hard to get something that I look forward to eating.  While I am an omnivore, I'm a finicky one.  Of course, I haven't yet lived here a full year.

All in good time...

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Charles Fortner said...

Here ya go: chicken leg quarters, CHICKEN drumsticks ground beef, pic pig tails (all their pickled meats are NOT the same as the jarred variety-they're for seasoning and you need to parboil, drain and rinse them before you use them for seasoning and you need to cook them in your beans or gumbo or whatever until you're falling off the bones. gravy steak is beef, smoked sausage may be D&D which in the neighborhood is best for gumbo, ig's feet-may be raw in which case see classic french or english preparation. turkey necks, can be sawn into pieces or smoked 7 steaks have a "#7 shaped bone in the middle and are beef) Seasoning ham pretty much tasso ham for seasoning. I admire you, you have the opportunity to learn a great deal in a magnificent neighborhood. No gumbo in any restaurant can equal a homemade gumbo in Treme. go eat at Roosevelt's, corner of St. Phillip and Claiborne, it's in the neighborhood-best soul food in town.


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