Friday, August 13, 2010

Fried green tomatoes

I was having a fried green tomato po' boy yesterday sitting next to a gent who was polishing off a roast beef sandwich and a Bud Light for lunch.  He told me he was from Mobile, Alabama.  I mentioned that I'd read that the first Mardi Gras celebration took place in Mobile.

"Yep," he answered between bites.  "Mobile started it all.  They put on a good party but it's not the same as here."  I asked what's the difference between Mobile and New Orleans.

He wiped his chin.  "Well," he answered, "For one thing when I'm in Mobile, I'm wishing I was in New Orleans.  I don't think anybody in New Orleans wishes they were in Mobile."  He paused for a minute and added, "That's not entirely true.  Let's say my mother in Mobile was dying.  Then I'd like to spend some time in Mobile until after the funeral."

We were in Mahony's.  The fried green tomato po' boy was delicious.

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