Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just what Mission Hill needs

No one will ever accuse Mission Hill of suffering a shortage of pizzerias but there's apparently an unfulfilled craving up by the big church and the hospitals because a new pizzeria is moving in.  There are seven pizzerias in Mission Hill.  I know.  I've eaten a slice from them all.

There is AK's by Roxbury Crossing.  There's Chacho's Pizza on the opposite side of Tremont Street on the way toward Brigham Circle.  There's Tremont Pizza, the self proclaimed Best in Boston.  There is Huntington Street Pizza just round the bend on the way to the VA.  There is Kwik-E Pizza that has been around since the 1950s and has an original, framed menu to prove it.  There is Penguin Pizza in Brigham Circle itself and there is Il Mondo Pizza on the corner of Huntington, Smith Street, and Wigglesworth.

A new batch of pizza chefs will be spinning the dough and ladling the sauce soon.  Though the storefront and interior are being renovated under cover of plywood blinds, a new sign is up announcing a new pizzeria across the street from Mission Park, halfway between Chacho's Pizza and Tremont Pizza.  Some people will now have a shorter walk to get their fix.

A temporary sign is over the obscured front door.  "Opening Soon: Cripsy Dough Pizzeria."  Their web site is still under construction but their logo doesn't promise authentic Neapolitan pie.  One of the counter guys from Tremont Pizza was getting some fresh air after the lunch rush today.  I asked him if he was worried about Crispy Dough siphoning off business.  He said, "Who?"


Adam Gaffin said...

But, wait, there's a ninth one opening soon!

Nick said...

I'm pretty sure Huntington Pizza closed late last year.

Matthew King said...

It did look a little forlorn the last time I walked by, but it was never hopping to begin with. That might explain the current surge of interest by pizza entrepreneurs.


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