Monday, April 06, 2009

Making the Dot sweeter

I was enjoying the beautiful weather this morning by taking a constitutional walk around Savin Hill, both the neighborhood and the summit of the hill itself. I entered Savin Hill Park by way of Rockmere Street and strolled between the puddingstone boulders. Savin Hill was originally called Rock Hill.

I came across young Julia Ward who was planting something in Savin Hill's rocky soil. I asked what she was up to. "Ma says its going to rain this afternoon so I thought today would be a good day to try an experiment," she said.

She was armed with a soup spoon and an empty package of assorted fruit-flavored Mentos, the chewy mint from the Netherlands. "I heard my folks talking the other night and they were saying how glad they are to live in Dorchester, how everything has been so nice since we've moved here. My Pa said that the only thing that could make Dorchester sweeter is if Mentos grew on trees. I'm trying to make the Dot nicer for Pa."

It seemed like a noble plan so I didn't bother discussing basic biology. Instead, I wished her good luck. Who am I to judge? Good things grow in Dorchester. We all know Clapp pears are the best pears money can buy when you can find them. I've heard rumors about a pork chop tree that supposedly grows in Dorchester Park.

True to Mrs. Ward's word, it has been raining since early this afternoon and it promises to continue through the night. If Julia's Mentos don't melt, they just might take root. Want to start your own garden? Here's a chance to get enough seeds to start a farm...

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